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Aldebugh beach from RNLI

The beach from Aldeburgh Lifeboat Station (buy as a greetings card)


Car Park Concert ~ BBC 13 April 2015

Aldeburgh Festival , is bringing one of its concerts to an urban multi-storey car park.

Old Aldeburgh Lifeboat Restored ~ BBC 11 April 2015

The yacht-like lifeboat has an engine and sails and was commissioned in 1940 for Aldeburgh lifeboat station in Suffolk.

Dog to cycle around Britain ~ EADT 15 March 2015
A dog is to cycle around Britain starting from Aldeburgh … well almost!

More Snape Holiday Homes ~ East Anglian Daily Times 9 March 2015

… old maltings, a barley store and a silo to be converted into 33 apartments.

Snape snapped up? ~ BBC News 5 March 2015

Snape Maltings, a collection of retail units, galleries and residential flats, is being sold to Aldeburgh Music.

... more news from Aldeburgh


The image was made by hand editing over 60 photos.  If you look carefully you can see some of the joins.

The image is available as an A5 postcard and A2 or 20” x 30” posters with larger sizes up to 30” x 45” available to special order (please email us).

If you are lucky enough to be in Aldeburgh you can buy the postcard from Avocet and The Aldeburgh Bookshop, or on-line from our shop.


The collage to the right is available as both an A2 and 20” x 30” poster.  The 22 pictures were all taken in or very nearby Aldeburgh – can you spot where they were taken.  To find out try our Aldeburgh Quiz.

Posters are available from Avocet on Aldeburgh High Street or from our on-line shop.

A similar A5 postcard is now available from Write the Blurb and Baggotts the newsagents, both on Aldeburgh High Street.

North from the Brudenell The Old Lookout Lifeboat Station Moot Hall to The Wentworth Aldebugh beach from RNLI Aldebugh beach from Orlando Aldeburgh Snooks The Scallop The Scallop


Straying further inland see some new pictures of The Vale of Aylesbury and West Wycombe Park a National Trust Stately Home, still the family house of the Dashwoods of Hellfire Club fame.

Crag Cottage is attractively decorated with antiques and art works looking directly over the North Sea. Details, location, availability and floor plan

Crag Cottage